BlogWho is The Alamodome ?

Who is The Alamodome ?

The Alamodome is a multi-purpose stadium located in downtown San Antonio, Texas. The stadium hosts various events throughout the year, including concerts, sports games, and more. The Alamodome has a seating capacity of 64,000, which can be expanded to 72,000. Parking is usually available on-site for sold-out events, and there are also alternative parking options available near the stadium. In this article, we will discuss the Alamodome map parking options.
ParFrom IH-10 East: Take the Hackberry Street exit and head north on Hackberry to Cesar Chavez Blvd. Turn west on Cesar Chavez Blvd and then north on Cherry Street.
  • From IH-10 West: Take the IH-35 north exit to New Braunfels Street and head south on New Braunfels to Commerce Street. Turn west on Commerce Street and then south on Cherry Street.
  • From IH-37 South: Take the Cesar Chavez Blvd exit and head east on Cesar Chavez Blvd to Cherry Street. Turn north on Cherry Street.
Parking Rates
The parking rates at the Alamodome vary depending on the event. For most events, the parking fee is $20 per car. However, rates and availability may change depending on the event. Parking for concerts and other major events may be more expensive.
Accessible Parking
The Alamodome offers accessible parking for guests with disabilities. Lot A has 127 handicap-accessible parking spaces, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis. To occupy an ADA space, you need a disabled parking permit or license plate. Handicapped parking is subject to event rates for all physically impaired guests, except for disabled veterans, who are entitled to free parking.
Free Parking
The Alamodome offers free parking for veterans with a valid license plate and designations such as Disabled Veteran, Congressional Medal of Honor, Former POW, Pearl Harbor Survivor, Purple Heart, Legion of Merit, Air Force Cross, Distinguished Service Cross, or Navy Cross.
Tailgating is permitted at the Alamodome during UTSA Football Games, UFL Football Games, and the Valero Alamo Bowl. However, tailgating is not allowed at high school football games and other events unless specified in advance by the City of San Antonio. Guests who wish to tailgate must follow the guidelines set by the Alamodome, including:
  • Tailgating is defined as the placement of any item on the ground, such as chairs, canopies, coolers, grills, and games.
  • Each space occupied for tailgating must have a permit.
  • Tailgating is restricted to the parking space in front or behind your vehicle, as designated by the parking space lines.
  • Traffic aisles and other parking spaces must be kept free of tailgating equipment to allow for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
  • Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis, and saving or reserving spots is not allowed.
The Alamodome is a popular venue that hosts various events throughout the year. The stadium offers four parking lots, including Lots A, B, C, and D. Lot A is reserved for guests with disabilities, while Lot B has spots for oversized vehicles. Lot D offers a rideshare pick-up area, and Lot C is the largest parking lot and usually the most convenient public parking option. The parking rates at the Alamodome vary depending on the event, and accessible parking is available for guests with disabilities. Tailgating is permitted at the Alamodome during certain events, but guests must follow the guidelines set by the stadium.
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