BlogWhat is Khasham Incident?

What is Khasham Incident?

The Khasham incident, also known as the Battle of Khasham, refers to a military engagement between Russian mercenaries and US commandos in Syria on February 7, 2018 ¹ ² ³. Here’s a breakdown of the incident:
Location and Context:
The incident occurred near Khasham, a town in eastern Syria, close to the Euphrates River and the Iraqi border. At the time, the US military was supporting the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in their fight against the Islamic State (ISIL) as part of Operation Inherent Resolve ³.
The Attack:
On February 7, 2018, a large force of around 500 pro-government militia, including Russian mercenaries from the Wagner Group, launched an attack on an SDF position near Khasham ³. The attackers were supported by T-72 and T-55 tanks, artillery, and mortar fire ² ³.
US Response:
The US military responded to the attack with a combination of air power and ground troops. A quick-reaction force of about 16 US Marines and Army Special Forces soldiers was dispatched to the scene, supported by F-22 fighters, F-15E strike fighters, AH-64 Apache attack helicopters, AC-130 gunships, B-52 bombers, MQ-9 Reaper drones, and heavy Marine artillery ².
The US forces successfully repelled the attack, killing between 200 to 300 of the attacking fighters, including Russian mercenaries ¹ ² ³. The remaining attackers retreated, and the US forces suffered no casualties ¹ ² ³.
The incident marked the first direct clash between Russian and US forces since the Cold War, sparking concerns about the potential for escalation in the region ³. The Russian government downplayed the incident, claiming that only five Russian contractors were killed, while the Wagner Group, a private military company, admitted to suffering significant losses ².
The Khasham incident highlights the complex and volatile nature of the Syrian conflict, with multiple factions and international powers involved. It also underscores the risks of direct confrontation between Russian and US forces, which could have significant implications for regional and global stability.
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