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Sosebee Mortuary?

Sosebee Mortuary, located in Anderson, South Carolina, has been a pillar of support and comfort for families in their darkest hours for over a century. As one of the oldest and most respected funeral homes in the region, Sosebee Mortuary has built a reputation for providing dignified and compassionate funeral services to families from all walks of life.

A Brief History

Founded in 1905 by John Sosebee, the mortuary has remained family-owned and operated for four generations. John’s commitment to serving his community with kindness, respect, and professionalism set the standard for the business. Over the years, Sosebee Mortuary has expanded its facilities and services to meet the evolving needs of the community, but its core values have remained unchanged.

Obituary Services

Sosebee Mortuary’s obituary services are a vital part of their offerings. An obituary is a poignant way to honor the life of a loved one, celebrating their achievements, interests, and impact on those around them. The mortuary’s experienced staff works closely with families to craft personalized obituaries that reflect the personality, spirit, and legacy of the deceased.

What to Expect

When visiting Sosebee Mortuary’s website or physical location, families can expect to find:
  • A comprehensive list of current and past obituaries, including photographs, biographies, and service information
  • A dedicated team of funeral directors, available 24/7, to guide families through the funeral planning process
  • A range of funeral and memorialization options, including traditional services, cremations, and celebrations of life
  • A warm and welcoming atmosphere, designed to provide comfort and solace during a difficult time

Community Involvement

Sosebee Mortuary’s commitment to the Anderson community extends far beyond their funeral services. They actively participate in local events, support charitable organizations, and partner with other businesses to promote the well-being of the community.


Sosebee Mortuary’s Anderson, SC obituaries are a testament to their dedication to honoring the lives of those who have passed. By providing compassionate funeral services, personalized obituaries, and unwavering support, Sosebee Mortuary continues to be a beacon of hope and comfort for families in their time of need.
If you have experienced the loss of a loved one, or would like to learn more about Sosebee Mortuary’s services, please visit their website or contact them directly. Their staff is always available to offer guidance, support, and a listening ear.
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