MarketingOahu Mortuary Honolulu?

Oahu Mortuary Honolulu?

Oahu Mortuary Honolulu is a revered institution in Hawaii’s capital city, providing funeral and memorial services to families in their time of need. With a rich history spanning over a century, Oahu Mortuary has established itself as a beacon of compassion, trust, and professionalism. In this article, we will delve into the history, services, and significance of Oahu Mortuary Honolulu, exploring its evolution and commitment to the community.

History and Heritage

Founded in 1903, Oahu Mortuary has been a steadfast presence in Honolulu, serving generations of families with dignity and respect. Initially located on Beretania Street, the mortuary later relocated to its current site on Nuuanu Avenue, expanding its facilities to accommodate the growing needs of the community. Throughout its history, Oahu Mortuary has remained family-owned and operated, with a dedication to upholding the highest standards of funeral service.

Services and Facilities

Oahu Mortuary Honolulu offers a comprehensive range of services, including:
  • Funeral and memorial ceremonies
  • Cremation and burial arrangements
  • Pre-planning and pre-payment options
  • Grief support and counseling
  • Monument and marker sales
Their state-of-the-art facilities feature spacious chapels, viewing rooms, and a crematorium, ensuring that all services are conducted on-site with the utmost care. The mortuary’s experienced staff is available 24/7 to guide families through the funeral planning process, providing personalized support and attention to detail.

Community Involvement and Outreach

Oahu Mortuary Honolulu extends its reach beyond funeral services, engaging in various community initiatives and charitable endeavors. They actively support local organizations, such as the Hawaiian Humane Society and the American Cancer Society, demonstrating their commitment to the well-being of the community. Additionally, the mortuary offers grief support groups and educational seminars, fostering a culture of care and understanding.

Legacy and Reputation

Oahu Mortuary Honolulu’s reputation for excellence is built upon a century of dedicated service. Families entrust their loved ones to the mortuary’s care, knowing that they will receive compassionate and professional attention. The mortuary’s membership in the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) and the International Association of Funeral Directors (IAFD) further solidifies its standing as a respected and trustworthy institution.


Oahu Mortuary Honolulu stands as a testament to the power of compassion, dedication, and community. For over 100 years, this venerable institution has provided solace and support to families in their darkest moments. As a beacon of hope and a symbol of respect, Oahu Mortuary continues to serve Honolulu with grace, dignity, and a deep understanding of the human experience.
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