BlogNorth Greenbush Tax Bills: Understanding Your Obligations

North Greenbush Tax Bills: Understanding Your Obligations

The Town of North Greenbush, New York, issues tax bills to its residents to fund various public services and infrastructure projects. Understanding your tax obligations is crucial to avoid penalties and ensure timely payments. In this article, we will delve into the details of North Greenbush tax bills, including payment options, deadlines, and available exemptions.
Tax Collection Office Hours and Notes
The Tax office in North Greenbush is open on Saturdays in January from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. ¹. Taxpayers can pay their bills online using credit/debit cards or e-checks. Additionally, payments can be made at two Pioneer Bank branches in town during regular business hours ¹.
Payment Options and Fees
Taxpayers can pay their bills using various methods, including:
  • Online Payment: Credit/debit cards and e-checks are accepted for online payments. Please note that service fees apply for credit card transactions (2.45% for credit cards, $3.95 for Visa debit cards, and $1.75 for e-checks).
  • In-Person Payment: Payments can be made at the Tax office or Pioneer Bank branches during business hours.
  • Mail Payment: Checks should be made payable to Michelle Wessels, Receiver of Taxes, and mailed to 2 Douglas Street, Wynantskill, NY 12198.
Deadlines and Penalties
  • Payment Deadline: Payments received after April 1, 2024, will be returned.
  • Penalties: Payments received between February 2nd and February 28th will be assessed a 1% penalty, and those received between March 1st and March 31st will be assessed a 2% penalty. After March 31st, all payments must be made to Rensselaer County.
Available Exemptions
The Town of North Greenbush offers various exemptions to eligible residents, including:
  • Senior Citizen Exemption: Available to homeowners aged 65 or older with a total household gross income not exceeding $37,400.
  • Enhanced School Tax Assessment Relief (STAR): Available to homeowners aged 65 or older with income limitations.
  • Basic STAR Exemption: Available to senior homeowners who do not qualify for the Enhanced STAR exemption and homeowners under 65 years old.
Assessment Appeal Process
If you believe your assessment is incorrect, you can contact the Town of North Greenbush Assessor’s Office to discuss your concerns. The office will be happy to listen and guide you through the appeal process.
North Greenbush tax bills are an essential part of funding public services and infrastructure projects in the town. Understanding your payment options, deadlines, and available exemptions can help you avoid penalties and ensure timely payments. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Town of North Greenbush Receiver of Taxes or Assessor’s Office.
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