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Choosing the right funeral home is an important decision that impacts how we honor and remember our loved ones. Mountain View Funeral Home in Pickens is known for providing compassionate and professional services, helping families navigate through challenging times with grace and dignity.

History and Background of Mountain View Funeral Home

Mountain View Funeral Home has a rich history of serving the Pickens community. Founded several decades ago, it has grown from a small establishment to a well-respected institution, guided by a mission to provide compassionate care and support to grieving families. The funeral home’s core values include empathy, respect, and a commitment to excellence, ensuring that each service is personalized and meaningful.

Services Offered

Traditional Funeral Services

Mountain View Funeral Home offers a range of traditional funeral services, including visitations, funeral ceremonies, and graveside services. These services are designed to honor the deceased and provide a space for family and friends to gather and support one another.

Cremation Services

For families choosing cremation, Mountain View Funeral Home provides comprehensive cremation services, including direct cremation, memorial services, and options for the final resting place of the ashes. The funeral home ensures that all procedures are carried out with the utmost respect and care.

Pre-Planning and Pre-Funding

Mountain View Funeral Home also offers pre-planning and pre-funding services, allowing individuals to arrange their own funeral services in advance. This can alleviate the burden on family members and ensure that personal wishes are honored.

Personalized Memorial Services

One of the hallmarks of Mountain View Funeral Home is its commitment to personalized memorial services. Families can customize various aspects of the service, from music and readings to photo displays and themed decorations. This personalization helps celebrate the unique life and legacy of the deceased, creating a memorable tribute.

Grief Support and Resources

Understanding that grief doesn’t end with the funeral, Mountain View Funeral Home provides ongoing support through counseling services, support groups, and workshops. These resources help families cope with their loss and begin the healing process.

Facilities and Amenities

Mountain View Funeral Home boasts modern facilities designed to accommodate gatherings of all sizes. The spacious chapel, comfortable visitation rooms, and state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment ensure a serene and dignified environment for services. Additionally, the funeral home offers ample parking and is easily accessible.

Community Involvement

Mountain View Funeral Home is deeply involved in the Pickens community. Through partnerships with local organizations, sponsorship of events, and active participation in community outreach programs, the funeral home demonstrates its commitment to supporting and enriching the lives of residents.

Testimonials and Reviews

The impact of Mountain View Funeral Home on the community is reflected in the heartfelt testimonials and reviews from families who have used their services. Clients frequently commend the funeral home’s compassionate staff, attention to detail, and the sense of peace they felt during difficult times.

How to Choose a Funeral Home

Selecting a funeral home involves several important considerations. Key factors include the range of services offered, the professionalism and empathy of the staff, the quality of facilities, and the ability to personalize the service. It’s also crucial to ask questions about pricing, pre-planning options, and any specific requests you might have.

Planning a Funeral

Planning a funeral can be overwhelming, but Mountain View Funeral Home provides guidance every step of the way. From selecting the type of service to arranging details like flowers and transportation, the funeral home’s experienced staff helps families create a fitting tribute for their loved one.

Mountain View Funeral Home’s Commitment to Excellence

Mountain View Funeral Home prides itself on delivering high-quality services with professionalism and compassion. Their commitment to excellence ensures that each family receives the support they need and that each service is conducted with dignity and respect.


In times of loss, having a reliable and compassionate funeral home can make all the difference. Mountain View Funeral Home in Pickens offers a range of personalized services and support to help families honor their loved ones and begin the healing process. Their dedication to excellence and community involvement makes them a trusted choice for funeral services.


  1. What types of services does Mountain View Funeral Home offer?
    • Mountain View Funeral Home offers traditional funeral services, cremation services, and pre-planning options.
  2. Can services be personalized at Mountain View Funeral Home?
    • Yes, the funeral home offers various customization options to create a meaningful and unique tribute.
  3. What support does Mountain View Funeral Home provide for grieving families?
    • They offer grief counseling, support groups, and workshops to help families cope with their loss.
  4. How can I begin pre-planning my funeral with Mountain View Funeral Home?
    • You can contact the funeral home directly to discuss pre-planning and pre-funding options.
  5. What should I consider when choosing a funeral home?
    • Consider the range of services, the professionalism and empathy of the staff, the quality of facilities, and personalization options.


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